Nashville, TN.

I’m often asked, “What’s your favorite restaurant in Nashville?” This changes a lot, so here are my current “flavors-of-the-week” (#puns) and why I’m craving them.

1. Rolf and Daughters – Germantown


The Preserved Chicken with Garlic Confit is life changing. I know what you’re thinking: “Chicken? I’m not impressed.” But trust me on this one. I have fantasies about bathing in that sauce.


Pasta dashes are solid as well. I’ve tried the Butterkin Squash Agnolotti and Squid ink Canestri. All have been flavorful and unique!


The vibe:

Trendy. Exposed HVAC and brick. Craft cocktails. Bougie hipsters. Dark lighting. If you want to wear your designer shoes, you will fit in; if you want to wear ripped skinny jeans, you will also fit in (better yet, wear them together and be extra hipster boug).


For dinner and drinks, budget $60-$100/person (depending on your appetite/what you get).


Definitely plan ahead. Make reservations at least two months in advance to get preferred times (even in the middle of the week). You can do so online or call in. They do take a few walk-ins each night and bar seating is available if you turn on vulture mode.

2. Lockeland Table – East Nashville


The Shrub Cocktails and any of their daily specials are always great options! When you want farm-to-table deliciousness without the pretentiousness, this is the spot. And the cocktails, ya’ll. Wish I had taken a picture… they’re absolutely divine. Super refreshing!


The vibe:

More relaxed/casual than R&D, this is a great spot with an extended family/neighborhood vibe. Also, you don’t need to BYOL (bring your own light) to read the menu!


For food and drinks, budget about $50-$60/person.


Yes. Call in to make reservations. They can sometimes accommodate walk-ins or there’s bar seating that’s open if you’re lucky.

3. Two Boots Pizza – Midtown


The pizza… duh. Late night and open until 3am, this is my favorite pizza spot I’ve tried in Nashville so far. I prefer thin crust, so if that’s not your thing, your opinion may differ. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken Pizza and a classic Pepperoni Jalapeño ‘za are my go-tos.

Sorry, I don’t have a pic. I’m usually starving by the time I get my pizza and hanger danger is no joke.

The vibe:

Busy. Go down the line to order by the slice or whole pie. Checkout at the end. Seating available inside and outside.


$5-$30… how hungry are you?


Nah. The line can be long, but it moves. However, if you go too late, they run out of the good stuff.


4. Adele’s – The Gulch


This is literally on the list because I’m obsessed with their Kale Caesar Salad. I could eat a bucket of this sh*t. Also, Sunday’s buffet brunch is as epic as it sounds.


The vibe:

Open space. Rustic modern chic. Lots of natural lighting. Brunch crowd: lots of #bridetribes, #basicbros, and the after-church Sunday best crowd. Dinner crowd: young and trendy or business dinner folks.


For brunch and drinks, $30-$40/person. $50-$60/person for dinner.


OpenTable or call-in. Necessary during peak times. Bar area is open first come, first served seating.

5. Pepperfire Hot Chicken – East Nashville


What’s a Nashville list without hot chicken?! And the highlights are obvs the hot chicken. I prefer the hot chicken tenders because ain’t nobody got time for bones.


Hot chicken in Nashville is a sensitive topic. Let me explain why I chose Pepperfire. Hot chicken places abound in Nashville (Prince’s, Hattie B’s, Bolton’s, etc.), but Pepperfire never has a line that wraps around the street. Also, they let you try the spice levels before committing. The chicken itself is juicy and well-seasoned. For all of these reasons, Pepperfire is my hot chicken place of choice.

The vibe:

Casual. Order at the counter and grab your number. Stake your claim at any open spot at a table. Avoid wearing white–you won’t win.




Nope. Just walk on in.


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