Breckenridge, CO.

Last weekend was my last snowboarding trip of this season. A few years ago, I went to Breckenridge with a group of UCLA friends. We found a GREAT deal with the Epic Pass where you could apply your same-day ticket purchase to a season pass for the following year. Heavily influenced by altitude, adrenaline, and alcohol, all six of us purchased season passes. Since then, Breckenridge has become our reunion grounds every year.

Obviously, all of my friends love food; this group is no exception. So, without further adieu, here were our weekend foodventures!

Day 1

First stop, grocery store. While the intention was to stock up on essentials, this happened instead:


#ramenonramenonramen. What started as a joke resulted in a harsh reality… We are still college students at heart and almost all of the ramen was consumed by the trip’s end. Shameful. Also, I don’t think the assortment of items on the countertop could be any more frastastic.

We didn’t get up to the mountains until after 1am the night before, so day 1 was rough. And then ice shards and graupel (think Dippin’ Dots snow) started attacking us and all the lifts were shutdown by 2pm.

The obvious dinner solution was hot tubbing and pizza because pizza is bae.

Check out this pie from Northside Pizza. This is the Boneyard (Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, smoked bacon) with sliced ribeye and Jalapeños.


I don’t think there’s enough meat.

Day 2

We opted for bar food to watch the NCAA tournament at Downstairs at Eric’s in downtown Breck. Pretty long wait, but there were games galore to keep us entertained! We engaged in some intense rounds of ski ball, basketball, and Mario Kart.

No food pics (I blame alcohol and hanger), but I did burn my finger on cream cheese from a popper (like… legit blistered finger. Great conversation starter?). Was it worth it? Yes. Yes, it was.

Day 3

There was a chili cook-off at the base of one of the peaks on Saturday! Check out this awesome sampler:

For our last dinner, we returned to the restaurant the OG group went to on our first Breck trip together. Modis in downtown Breck was as awesome as we remembered! They have impressive cocktails and the food has yet to disappoint.

For libations, I ordered the P.L.D. because any time I see a spicy cocktail available, I must have it (vodka, jalapeño, basil, raspberry, Falernum, topped with St. Germain foam):


Brussels Sprouts and Lobster Tot. Nowadays, sprouts are everywhere. Nothing unique, but a solid appetizer to share.

I wanted to love the Lobster Tot (pictured below).


It wasn’t bad, but it had a little too much going on. The small portion of lobster (only came with two pieces, albeit that was expected) was surprisingly fresh. But between the breading, corn, snap pea salad, bacon, and horseradish vinaigrette, my tastebuds were confused. That vinaigrette was bomb though, and I would have gladly taken just that on a brussels sprout salad of sorts.

Main Entrees:

I ordered the Filet Mignon (pictured below) served with cheesy potatoes and Jambon de Bayonne wrapped broccolini (fancy version of bacon wrapped broccolini). The filet was PERFECTLY cooked and super juicy and flavorful. One of the best steaks I’ve had in a while. The table agreed this was the winning entree.


The other highlight was the Veal Osso Bucco. It’s a ton of food, and the meat is very tender (because baby cow. Moo).

Against everyone’s warnings, one of the group members ordered the $22 peking duck ramen… It’s what you would expect from ramen in Breckenridge. Just don’t do it. $22 ramen is never a good idea.

Day 4

Before our flights, we stopped by Aurora for a quick lunch/dinner. I don’t trust Nashville Mexican food yet, so I was really craving some legit tacos. We stumbled across this hole-in-the-wall called Tacos Selene, and it was everything my bruised and hungover self was craving and more.

Highlights included the Al Pastor tacos (pictured below), the sopes, and the salsa bar.


All-in-all, it was another successful foodcation. Now excuse me as I eat heads of lettuce for the next two weeks.

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